We would not be the company we are without the skills and integrity of our staff. Our Diamond family includes carefully selected professionals who each bring specialized value to complete our team.

Tom Griesbach - President

Thomas G. Griesbach MWS

“This business and industry has given me the privilege to meet and work with many great people; so many that have become personal and dear friends. This company is built around some of the nicest people anyone could ever meet.”

Tom Griesbach has a long list of credentials and experience under his belt. Tom  and his lovely wife Denise have owned and operated Diamond H2O since 1999. In addition to Tom obtaining his Master Plumbing and Pump Installer Licenses, the couple built, owned and operated five stand- alone carwashes, developed a DNR and Department of Agriculture certified water testing laboratory, and still make time to enjoy their 7 children and 9 grandchildren. Not only do Tom and Denise have a large family at home, but add to that an entire family at Diamond H2O! They keep busy to say the least. Another fun fact about Tom is that he loves to sing. He claims to be a baritone, however Denise says he is a tenor. She says he sounds the best when he is TEN OR fifteen miles away from the nearest person.

John Griesbach MWS Vice President Year Started at Diamond: 2002

“I enjoy the challenges of working to correct the vast variety of water problems that we encounter on a daily basis and the diversity of applications that our equipment gets applied to.”

John grew up in the water conditioning industry and has been involved with Diamond since he was a pup.  He has worked in numerous roles within the company throughout the years, including but not limited to salt delivery, residential/commercial service calls and installations, customer service, purchasing, product development and sales.  One of his favorite things about his job is all of the people he gets to talk to from around the world.  Our customers and vendors are neat folks!  John is a Master Water Specialist, a Licensed Pump Installer, a Learner-Restricted Appliance Plumber, and MRA (Institute of Management) Certified.  With his training, experience and smarts, it’s pretty hard to stump this guy with a question, and we swear up and down this stuff flows through his veins.  John hangs with his family and friends on his downtime, and also hunts, fishes, shoots guns and enjoys running.  And when we say he runs, he RUNS.  His biggest race yet was a 50-mile ultra marathon that he completed in 9 hours and 31 minutes.

Jeff Fritz Purchasing/Credit Manager. Year Started at Diamond: 2003

“I know I can’t possibly do it all, but I like being involved in as much as I can.  We have an amazing group of people, all who bring different ideas and experiences with them.  Together, we make an awesome team, and that’s a great thing to be a part of!”

Jeff literally got his start in purchasing from mowing lawns.  Working for the Parks Department, and then landing a job as a groundskeeper for a lighting company was where it all began.  After only a few months, Jeff was working in the parts room in close quarters with the purchasing staff, and the rest was history when they offered him a position as a buyer.  Since then Jeff has had courses in Materials Management and the Principles of Management Series from the MRA Institute.  Now he is the “go-to” guy here at Diamond.  He loves starting (and not finishing) a home improvement project, and prefers camping; especially when it rains at night.  His sister chopped his ear almost completely off with a golf club when they were kids when she was in mid-swing while golfing with their dad, but you would never know by looking at him.  Don’t worry if he doesn’t acknowledge you; he most likely just isn’t listening.  He can hear just fine.

Dan Schlenz - Applications Engineer

Dan Schlenz MWS Lab Director / Applications Engineer. Year Started at Diamond: 2012

“My favorite part about this job is the variety of problems I get to face.  Everyone here is open to hearing other peoples’ ideas and is confident in taking on big projects with a lot of challenges.”

Dan came to Diamond just before he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science.  He trained in our in-house lab originally, and now he assists in product development and design as well.  It’s all thanks to Dan that we have been achieving validation status for many of our new products.  Things that are easy and make sense to this fella will be way over most people’s heads.  For example, he built and calibrated his own 3D printer for the fun of it.  Dan likes to golf on his free time, as well as tinkering around with other projects.  He also created his own version of ITunes from scratch, and caught a 9’3” Sailfish in Mexico when he was twelve.  Dan is on the quieter side when it comes to the Diamond family, but we think that’s only because he is silently developing his Jedi powers while the rest of us go about our daily interactions.

Rick Relien - Service Manager and Sales

Rick Relien CWS
Service Manager and Sales
Year Started at Diamond: 1992

“I like the down-to-earth atmosphere at Diamond H2O and how we all work together as a team. Meeting new customers and having them compliment a neat and clean installation really makes my day.”

Rick worked for Hillshire Farm before coming to Diamond H2O, and then began assembling water softener equipment and conducting deliveries and service calls.  Now he holds a Restricted Journeyman’s Plumbing License, is a Certified Water Specialist and is currently studying to become a Master.  Rick works proudly alongside his son Eric, and is a leading service technician with the most experience on the road.  He built his own “man cave” two years ago, which has become a gathering place for friends and family to watch sporting events.  He and his wife love to travel, and some favorite daredevil experiences involve a helicopter ride in Maui, white-water rafting in Colorado and climbing Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.

Eric Relien CWS
Service and Sales
Year Started at Diamond: 2001

“I appreciate our team atmosphere, working with a variety of customers and the challenges that arise with treating some of the most severe water quality issues.”

Eric began his career at Diamond H2O delivering salt to customers.   He now holds a Restricted Journeyman’s Plumbing License and a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources “pump installer” license.  He is one of Diamond’s primary service men for our retail division, and a graduate of the MRA School of Business Management.  Eric looks tough but his easy-going personality is well adored among his peers.  He watches Brewer and Packer games, is an avid outdoorsman, and likes spending time with his family.  A highlight of his bow-hunting career is shooting a black bear in Saskatchewan, Canada, and then another in Manitoba.  He also caught a 40-inch, 16 pound Northern with no landing net on a local river. (Or so he says…)