8 Reasons to Choose Diamond H2O

  1. Our highly trained and friendly staff includes
    • 7 fully insured and licensed plumbers
    • 5 WQA master water specialists
    • 3 DNR-licensed pump installers
    • 2 certified water specialists
  2. All our technicians have been trained to install, service and repair most makes and models of water softeners, filters, water heaters, and pressure tanks.
  3. We offer low rate financing options so that your family’s health is affordable.
  4. Our custom “Keep Full” water softener salt delivery program means that you never have to think about your water softener again – we do the work for you!
  5. Our convenient location and drive-through pick-up for salt and bottled water up at LOW prices – we pass the savings on to you because we care!
  6. We have a beautiful 2,000 square foot showroom – let one of our experts walk you through the ins and outs of water treatment options.
  7. Our large inventory of parts and supplies for most makes and models means that we can get the problem fixed right away!
  8. We take pride in manufacturing all of our water treatment systems locally, right here in Greenville, Wisconsin.

Salt Service

Our Diamond H2O salt products are formulated with all of the care and expertise we put into every part of Diamond H2O. They can be used in any brand water conditioning unit.

Water Softener Salt Delivery

Our high quality Diamond H2O salt products are available for delivery! Simply order as needed, or take advantage of our Keep Fill Program. We’ll automatically deliver the salt when you need it, so you’ll never have to think about it.

Additionally, we’ll test and change your filter as needed providing you on the spot service to keep your water soft, clean and pure.


Our Diamond H2O salt station is conveniently located near the Fox River Mall and Appleton airport. It features an indoor drive-through pickup bay that is open all Diamond H2O business hours.

Pickup means you get to save money on every bag of salt you purchase from Diamond H2O.


Inspection Service

Diamond H2O also performs regular quality inspections to make sure your water is as clean and pure as possible, and that your household water treatment systems are running at their highest efficiency.

19-Point Inspection Standard Service

Our comprehensive 19-point inspection covers every aspect of your household water system.

We inspect the following:

  • Bypass system
  • Meter assembly
  • Injector condition
  • Screen condition
  • Pistons/seals/valves condition
  • Timer functions
  • Gallons/grains capacity
  • Backwash function
  • Slow rinse function
  • Fast rinse function
  • Brine fill function
  • Power connection
  • Resin tank condition/size/age
  • Discharge tube compliance status
  • Tank condition/size
  • Brine assembly
  • Brine float condition
  • Salt level
  • Water level

9-Point Drinking Water System Inspection

Our 9-point drinking water system inspection diagnoses problems you may have with your drinking water system, along with solutions. It checks for the following:

  • Feed side TDS level
  • Tank air volume
  • Pre-Filter change date
  • Membrane change date
  • Air gap compliance
  • Feed water valve condition
  • Sanitized system
  • Drain restrictor
  • O-ring lubrication status

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