Turn Your Tax Return into Peace of Mind: Invest in a DROP Smart Home Water System

Tax season is upon us, which means that you may soon receive a tax return. Have you given any thought to what you’ll do with yours? In 2019 the average tax return in the U.S. was $2,725. Investing your tax return back into your home with a DROP Connect Smart Home Water System is a great way to avoid home water damage and the potentially high costs that come with it.

Fact: Water damage is the second most common home owner’s insurance claim.

Recently smart home technology has exploded into our lives—everything from our doorbells to our fridges can now be “smart”. These innovations are an investment that improve our lives through convenience and simplicity, something much needed in this fast-paced and always changing world.

How does DROP work?

The DROP Smart Water System is no different. It’s a smart home investment that can provide homeowners with a peace of mind that is invaluable as well as additional savings that provide a clear return on investment.

Much like investing in a home security system helps avoid potential burglary and other harassment that can lead to serious and expensive consequences, a DROP System is your security against unexpected problems with your home water system.

The DROP system consists of four main parts:

  1. HUB: The “brain of the system” that connects to all parts of your home water and the DROP App to provide real-time notifications of your home water system
  2. Leak Detectors: Small, intuitive devices that can be placed anywhere around your home where a leak might occur to detect moisture or continuous water flow, and alert the DROP Hub to shut off water if necessary
  3. Home Protection Valve: Connects directly to your water line and can detect a wide range of problems with your water system, while automatically shutting off water when a leak is detected or giving you the ability to manually shut water off through the DROP App
  4. Remote: Smart device that connects to the DROP app and allows you to shut off water at the touch of a button from anywhere

When combined the components of the DROP system provide the ultimate in-home protection against water damage. By having real-time information about your water system you can avoid coming home to a flooded basement or waking up to a burst frozen pipe. You’ll know if someone left a faucet on or if that pipe under the sink you thought you fixed is still leaking.

It’s peace of mind—and that’s priceless.

DROP can save you money

Not only does the DROP system protect your home but it can also help you save money on your water bill and insurance premiums.

Because it constantly monitors your water system, it can provide you useful data on your water usage and help you with water conservation. Homes with DROP installed can use up to 20% less water and save up to $380 annual on their water bills.

Additionally, many major home insurance providers will offer a discount on monthly premiums for installing a DROP Smart Home Water System, further increasing the return on your initial investment. Check with our local insurance provider to see if you qualify.

Making smart use of your tax refund and investing in a DROP System can be the difference between a safe, peaceful home and a home water emergency. Make the “smart” choice and invest in DROP today!

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